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To be the most successful and trusted wealth advisor in ASIA for succeeding generations.


To assist and acquire customers by providing high-value wealth succession services and the most enduring family legacy. 

Succession need a well planning

MU Advisory Group, being a regional collaborative of estate planning experts, trustee corporations and asset management professionals, we are dedicated and delivered with a modern approach offering expert wealth succession solutions to our clients.

more than 20

years of experience

more than 1000

customers served

more than 7

professional advisors

What our customers say

Dato’ Adrian, Customer

I have set up the Family Trust even though I am young and energetic as I know leaving a good estate plan is critical to protecting my assets and maintaining my family’s harmony.

Dato’ Anson, Customer

I have peace of mind now because I know that Family Trust will take care of my spouse and children’s living expenses, education, and medical needs upon my demise. Most importantly, my absence will not affect my family members’ existing lifestyle.

CK Chan, Customer

A Family Trust is a great tool for business succession. I can now fully concentrate on expanding my business without any hesitation or worry about who will take care of it upon my demise.

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